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How we do it better

This may be your only night to raise the funds your organization needs, make sure you hire professionals to do it the right way.

CM Auction Benefits has years of experience getting results. From our consultation process to our customized comprehensive approach, the advantages that we provide can make the difference between a so-so event and a record-breaking one.



CMBA offers a comprehensive planning package that ensures you will host a well-run event from start to finish.  CM Benefit Auctions will help you plan every step of the way from the minute the doors open until the last guest is checked out. Our years of experience can help make a difference in just how smooth and successful your event is.


CM Benefit Auctions offers you the flexibility to choose what services you need for your organization and how you want to use them. Your benefit auction can be staged as a stand-alone event, planned around a meeting, or it can be incorporated into an existing awards or recognition banquet. Our fundraising auctions also work well in conjunction with golf tournaments or similar sporting activities.


Although each event is custom designed and fees are negotiated based on the services provided, CMBA fees represent a very small percentage of the funds generated. Many times, our techniques and promotions generate enough additional revenue to pay our fee.


In addition to raising funds, benefit auctions are a great way to stay connected to your constituency. The CMBA procurement rally is a particularly exciting time when volunteers brainstorm about items and packages they would like to solicit for the auction. This develops camaraderie among the volunteers and is a great time to reinforce the mission of your non-profit.


You can count on CM Benefit Auctions for a fun and energetic event. We can show you how to implement exciting promotions like "Fund An Item" and "Bidding Frenzy" that are simple to apply, add excitement to the live auction and raise thousands of dollars in additional revenue.  


For the time invested, few events offer a higher return than a CMBA fundraising auction. Our benefit auctions allow your organization to establish its own financial goal. Whether your goal is to raise $50,000 or $500,000, we provide your non-profit with an exciting and extremely effective method for raising a substantial amount of money.